Ness of Brodgar wins an Award.

Just another reason to visit the site next year, and if you are why not do it in style and book out trike to do it on

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John Foster

Hi my name is John. I have set up, in my wisdom, a trike touring company on Orkney. Where I have lived since 2012. I was brought up in England and spent a happy childhood in Lincolnshire. From the age of 12 I've ridden motorbikes and apart from a couple of years have always owned at least one. I've worked at many jobs but spent 34 years as a nurse, including 10 years in the ambulance service, with in the NHS. Taking early retirement due to I'll health. I burnt out mentally and at the same time I developed some heart disease. I'm ok now and I plan to be here for about 30 more years. If only to collect all that pension I paid into. I've never taken life to seriously and always see the funny side of things. Since being at school I've had an interest in history, especially WW II which I have been indulging in since coming to Orkney. Having been brought up in the country I also have a good background knowledge of natural history and all things agricultural. One of my ambitions is to own a tractor but Gill my long suffering wife isn't so keen. I now live in Deerness with Gill my wife my two daughter live in England and my son lives in Stromness. I keep bees and have done since the mid 80s, I am an angler and I hope to restart my golfing career this winter. In the past I enjoyed Scouting, rock climbing, mountaineering and skiing none of which I now do.