A place to contemplate life, the monastry on Eynhallow

Its history lost in time and now being rediscovered over the last 170 years when it was found to be a church, when the roof was removed.

Once a year a trip goes to the island in the evening and Gill and I were lucky to get on the trip this year.p It was over so quickly and the guided tour was fascinating, we worth the time and effort.

First time one of my passengers requested a swim.

First time for everything, had Franz and Michael on a tour and Michael wanted to have swim so we stopped at Scapa  Bay.

To cold for me to join him though.

He had a good sense of humour and although he was Austrian  he laid out his towel like a good German to save his place on the Trike. I just wish I’d  got a photo of it. He took one so I’ll post it if he ever sends it to me.

Top class lads and well into their whisky, apparently Franz has over 150 in his collection. Continue reading First time one of my passengers requested a swim.

Qualified at last.

I received my Scottish Tourist Guides Association certificate.

It was an intense course but enjoyable with a great bunch of people doing the course with me. Not forgetting all the lecturers, assessors and coach drivers.

I remember leaving school thinking no more exams for me! Little did I know 48 years later I’m still doing exams.