At the autumn tourism week event

All this week I’ve been attending Visit Orkney’s Autumn Tourist week. Getting, or attempting to get up to speed in all things touristy.

Loads of networking done and a few nibbles eaten plus one distillery visit. All in the name of research.

The more learn the less I know, hopefully I’m going to rewrite my website to improve it a little bit, do watch this space.

Another day out fishing

Well today I went fishing off Hatston Pier in yet another competition. Luckily all at  Orkney Trike Tours HQ weren’t depending on what I brought home.

One small whitting and a nice Octopus, all were returned alive to the sea.

I didn’t get to win, yet again, Orkney wildlife survives for another day. Even visited by one seal this afternoon.

Back to reality tomorrow with a lecture on renewables tomorrow lunch time.

Then a difficult research session for 3 hours at Kirkwall’s Orkney Distillery and Visitors centre.

It’s hard being at the top.

Hatston peir in the summer sun


Great new video of Orkney

Here is a great video of Orkney.

If you are not sure if you need to come to Orkney then watch this then decide.

Orkney's wartime heritage has been highlighted recently as part of the UK's Armistice Day commemorations.The islands…

Posted by on Monday, 12 November 2018

Seal watching at Burwick

Been oot and aboot today, went seal watching at Burwick. Loads of Pups on various beaches with mums in attendance.

Weather today has been grand, a bit of a breeze but bright sunshine.

Also did my home work for the guiding course today, which was identifying Birds you have seen.  Well I saw plenty of greylagged geese, some Gulls, definitely black headed gulls an Herring Gulls then it starts getting vague with juvenile Gulls. Did see 2 Kestrels and one female  Hen harrier lots of LBJ’s.

So all in all its been a goodish day. the only bad points is the dog keeps f*rting in her sleep!!!!! she is laid down in the middle of the room in front of me.

I also have been taking some Isosorbide mononitrate and BOY it is giving me a headache. Still shouldn’t complain as it helps keep me alive.

Must go, dogs has let another one off, need some fresh air, so bye for now.

I’ve finished all my Booked tours this year!

Well that’s all my booked tours completed for this year, although I am still working if anyone wants a tour.

Its been a mixed first season, almost didn’t happen as my licences came through late. No ones fault, the wheels of licence applications has to jump all the hurdles etc. Still I  decided to start in the beginning of July and most of my work has been short tours off the cruise ships.

I have also been studying towards my Orkney Tour Guide Qualification. A course I am really enjoying. Anyway I will end today’s waffle as I’m reading up for tonights lecture which is on Flora and Fauna, wish me luck.