You always find gold at the end of the rainbow. A windswept day at the Brough of Birsay.

My two guests from Boston USA watching the waves crash in at the Brough of Birsay. Hopefully I managed to show them just a little of what makes Orkney Great.

We managed to miss most of the rain, if not the wind. Tried my new tour about 5000 years of living on Orkney. Still needs a little work to get it right.

One of the guests has had a DNA analysis done and she is 25% Scandinavian followed strongly by Orcadian. I hope she got a glimpse of how her ancestors here may have lived. Certainly Kirbuster museum, with its wonderful warm and smokey peat fire, and equally as good custodian, created an experience of all the senses.


Many of my Trike tours pass the small green at the top of Clay Loan the place where Orkney Witches were executed.

Follow the link to find out about the witches on Orkney and what became of them.

Today the place if execution is  in a built up area of Kirkwall. I often point it out as where the witches of Ork ey were executed. Today there is a stone which acknowledges they were just ordinary people, who lived in very different times. Continue reading Many of my Trike tours pass the small green at the top of Clay Loan the place where Orkney Witches were executed.

Glorious September morning

The view from my backdoor at 07:15 this morning ,by 07:30 mist had all but gone. Forecast is good for the weekend, living the dream on Orkney.
Plenty of availability if anyone wants a go on the Trike just give us a call or drop us a message.

An interesting programme broadcast in Germany, has some good content and the views are brilliant.

There is a discussion to how long “blackenings” have involved the bride and that it also happens else where around Scotland. It is, however , part of Orcadian life today so should be celebrated.

I am glad tho’ that I didn’t have to go through the ceremony when I got married.


Another happy passenger after touring on my Trike.

If you are thinking of doing this tour, think no more. Do it!!!! This was my retirement gift to me. We had been to the Orkneys before and didn’t want to be cattle marketed around tourist sites on mass.John took us where ever we wanted and more. (Things we didn’t realise we wanted were included). You asked him something and he rode with it. We even found the rare Scottish Primrose flower ?.
His enthusiasm for archeology was evident.
You are the centre of attention though, everyone stares. I loved it, felt like a Queen for the day!
Do take warm clothing. It was a hot day when we went and I nearly didn’t bring my jacket and scarf, it is a bit breezy on the back so pleased I wrapped up!
We were picked up and dropped off at the cruise port. No messing. Communication was great.


Here is the illusive Primula Scotica for those who have never seen one.