Orkney Celebration Trike Tours

Why not try an evening tour around Orkney contact us if you have any requests or places to see. Whether you’re on a romantic holiday or just wanting to see Orkney in a different light let us show you the beautiful vistas and sunsets that can be seen on Orkney.

Please note these tours are weather dependant if in doubt please contact us via email. john@orkneytriketours.co.uk or phone 07861310139.

Tour 1:

Two and a half hour Scenic tour of Orkney. Cost £140

Pick up from Kirkwall and touing Orkney to Yesnaby Cliffs or Wideford Hill for sunset and returning to Kirkwall.

Tours may differ according to weather and time of year and places that are requested to visit.

Start time approximately 20:30 hrs

Tour 2:

Four hour Scenic tour of Orkney. Cost £250

Pick up from Kirkwall, starting at approximately 20:30 hrs having a scenic drive around Orkney stopping at Yesnaby Cliffs to watch the sunset (Weather permitting) and arriving at the ring of Brodgar at Midnight.

You will then be dropped off at Kirkwall at approximately 00:45hrs.

There will be at least one comfort break during the Tour. 

Interested in a Celebration Trike Tour?